Packing List

Camps may include modern tents, car camps, traditional canvas or tin-can campers. The camp also includes porta-johns, trash and recycling receptacles and drinking water.

General set up for participants begins midday on Saturday and registration/check-in begins Sunday morning prior to the opening ceremonies. Please allow instructor sessions and meals to proceed uninterrupted. All campers must clear the area by Sunday noon.

Bring some type of bug and weatherproof shelter. It is generally good weather but we have had snow or Biblical rains. Temperature may range from 80 degrees to freezing. Mosquitos may still be out in the fall and snakes may be out in the southwest winter, so be prepared with a secure home. Common shelters are canvas wall tents and tipis, yurts backpack tents, and even improvised shelters.
This is not a "Period" event, so no dress-code applies. You will however see an abundance of traditional dress and regional/period costumes. Classes in tailoring, footwear and sewing are regular topics of interest. Bring clothing that will keep you warm, shelter you from the sun, keep you dry in the rain and tell us who you are. This is not a "clothing optional" event.
You will need basic utensils for eating. There are no tables and chairs for mealtime, so folding furniture is a good idea. Coolers for lunch items are a good idea as well. Dish washing facilities will be available at every meal , so please use them.
Water Containers
Potable water is available at the site. Please limit its use to drinking and cooking. Drink regularly, especially in the heat.
Light Sources
The main camp area will be lit at night by torches. Bring a flashlight, candle lantern or kerosine lamp for your own use.
Once again, temperatures can vary wildly, so plan accordingly. A warm bag and extra blankets are a good idea. Get a good nights rest with a proper ground pad.
A good sharp knife and sharpener are a must. Classes in tool use, care and maintenance will be available. If you plan to do woodworking, a good rasp, scraper and spokeshave would be good tools to have. For flintnapping, tools will be available for use and for sale. If you have your own flintnapping kit be sure to bring it. Some tools will be made available by the instructors, please take care of their tools and follow directions. Please make sure that they have all of their tools back before leaving a class.
You will need to supply all of these. A solar shower may be a good idea for a mid-week rinse. try to keep yourself and utensils clean. Diseases spread quickly in an unsanitary camp, so be on guard.

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