How to get to Rabbitstick

The first step is, go to Rexburg, Idaho.

The route from Rexburg to Rabbitstick is highlighted in yellow.  After you get off Hwy 33 there are signs at the turns.  Keep your eye out for the Rabbitstick logo, he'll point the way.

From Rexburg, proceed west on Hwy 33.  About 1/4 mile west of Hwy 20, turn right (north) on 2000W.

Head north on 2000W for 2 miles.  Turn left (west) on 2000N.

Head west on 2000N for 2 miles. Turn right (north) on 4000W.

Head north on 4000W for about 3/4 of a mile.  Turn left into the gate, you're there!

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Airport Shuttles

If you fly into the Idaho Falls airport on the Saturday before the event begins and out on the Saturday at the end, Backtracks will arrange to pick you up and get you back. The fee is $20 per person and needs to be arranged in advance with the office. These are the only days we offer this service.

However, due to the expense of some flights, you might want to consider flying into Salt Lake City and taking the commercial shuttle from the airport to the AmericInn in Rexburg. It is about a 4 hour drive but could save you some money. Once again we at Backtracks can arrange to pick you up at the AmericInn and get you back on those Saturdays. If you would like to check out this option go to Please use regular daytime hours for your shuttle arrivals and departures.
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