Colleen Kincaid-Smith
S2 C8 RR #1
Winlaw, BC V0G 2J0 Canada

First Aid Attendant (OFA LEVEL 3), Registered Nurse (ER), retired, Chartered Herbalist (C.H.), Massage/Energy Balancing, Health Options Consultant, Oxygen Therapist, Detox Therapy, Sous Chef, Singer/Guitarist, E-Commerce, Certified Flagger

Teaches / Skills:
Health Options, Wilderness First Aid, Traditional/Natural Therapies, Hands-On Healing Techniques, Wildcrafted Herbal Products, Beadwork: necklace/earring design, loomwork, applique beadwork; mineral pigments; braintain; braintan/leather clothing & footwear; friction fire - bowdrill; rawhide manufacture, use and decoration; Available for consultations by donation - contact via email as above

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